emotive reflections in art
Read my Blog linking Matisse's Space to Jain Miniatures... http://fb.me/DMef3HtE 2010-07-03

Enhance your inner and outer world through rare, premium museum quality fine art giclees by Om.
Om combines prana aesthetics, the inner light, and emotive reflections to arouse strong emotional responses conveying elegance and contemplation.

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Purchase an Om Expression today for home or business and savor:
  • Six decades of art from 1950s to 2010s.
  • Exquisite Variety in over 1000 paintings.
  • Rare Museum Quality Limited Edition Giclees.
  • Spontaneous, Intimate and Emotional Reflections of the Inner Light (Qi) in the Content.
  • Inspiring Emotional & Spiritual Satisfaction for the Owner.
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Emotive Reflections